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I have been looking into this myself in order to remove the throttle body for cleaning (EGR was replaced under warranty a few weeks back). The version of Elearn states that the engine must be removed for the inlet manifold to be taken off.

No mention is made about removal of the throttle body. I have a rough idea by looking at it how it will be done, but don't want to leap in blind. So, who has done it?

Guys, took my Alfa 159 2.4 which is a 2008 model into Alfa dealer in Hemel which is highly rated.
It was running lumpy and not smooth in the low rev range. They had it in and removed EGR valve checked, cleaned and lubricated. Removed throttle body to find it blocked & manifold filled with carbon. Cleaned out and refitted and now the car runs like it should do. I'm getting better mpg and it's better to drive at low speeds. Still a bit lumpy on start up so doing a little preventative maintenence. As suggested by Sandro the engineer I'll be putting in fuel addatives to keep it clean and not using supermarket diesel but sticking with BP or Shell. The occassional Shell V-Power or BP Ultimate every 4 tanks will be nice too. I'll also drive it just a little harder not too much mind as I want to keep that mpg around the 40 mark. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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