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Hi all,
I have an Alfa 147 Lusso 2.0 Manual, Petrol.

I am currently paying Admiral £154 per month which is just shy of £2000 per year.

I have gone through all the price comparison websites and can't get a quote for less than £1550 per year (Monthly Payments so I understand credit charges are included).

I am 42, live in London, I have never had any motoring convictions in 24 years of driving.

I had any accident in 2010:

I was in Chigwell, east London travelling along a dual carriageway, I needed to go back in the opposite direction, I obeyed all the no u turn signs and found a right hand turning. I turned into the side road and pulled up on the left about 150 yards into the junction after indicating (the entry to the side road was very wide but beyond where I choose to u turn the road narrowed dramatically) , I checked my mirrors and all was clear - I indicated right and proceeded to do a u turn.
Exactly halfway into the u turn a guy doing the london cabbie knowledge complete with clip board and not paying attention (he admitted at the scene) drove into my car, the collision happened well into the turn to the point where we were perpendicular to each other, the other thing to note was that the road was very wide and the junction had nothing to obscure the view into the road prior to entering.

Anyway we exchanged details etc and left the scene, two weeks later someone from my insurance company (More Th>n) came to see me to take some details - during the meeting I was told that the company had decided to accept the accident was my fault even though they agreed I carried out the maneuver safetly, it seems they had a case lost a while ago based on the fact the maneuver was carried out too close after entering the road i.e to close to the junction within the side road.

There was also the fact the little shyster that hit me completely manufactured a witness, the place was a ghost town when the accident occured - if completely blameless there would be no need to offer a mate a percentage but I had no way to prove he did this.

Anyway I felt the claim should have at least gone 50/50 but More Th>n were not prepared to argue the case in the slightest, still this is what it is and I have to declare it for another four years.

This was my only motoring accident in 24 years.

All in all I have a good driving history but obviously the insurance companies are only going to see the payout.

So how do I get my premiums down, I park on a public road (no alternative), drive socially only - no commuting, enter that I drive no more than 5000 miles per year, enter the cars value as £2500 and generally accept a voluntary excess of £500 to try to get the premium down and yet I risk having to sell my beloved 147 because I just can't afford the premiums.

I have something that has niggled me for a while, every time I try to get a quote my 147's reg brings my car up as 1.6 not 2.0 or the Reg is not recognised and I have to enter the vehicle details manually, I recall some phone conversation with a broker a long time ago saying that DVLA had some details incorrect on their database and that I should get them corrected, is there any website or something that I can check exactly the details of my 147 from DVLA - it might help.

Anyway sorry if this thread sounds like a bit of a moan, I suppose it is but I so want to keep my 147 however also having a family it is not a case at any cost.

Cheers all

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Just done a vehicle enquiry at directgov and whilst it is just basic info it seems to be correct:

Date of Liability: 01 06 2011
Date of First Registration: 10 09 2001
Year of Manufacture: 2001
Cylinder Capacity (cc): 1970CC
CO2 Emissions: 211g/Km
Fuel Type: Petrol
Export Marker: Not Applicable
Vehicle Status: Licence Not Due
Vehicle Colour: SILVER
Vehicle Type Approval: M1
Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle:
6 Months Rate: £143.00
12 Months Rate: £260.00
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