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I've been tracing an annoying rattle for a while. From the passenger side, it appears to come from the instrument binnacle. From the driver's side, it appears to come from the centre console.

Finally my wife found it was the menu +/- button on indicator stalk. This was confirmed by finding this thread:

I attempted to put some folded black insulating tape behind the button but ended up making the button sticky and eventually breaking the inner switch (which is a ***** to reassemble, many tiny parts). Here's my alternative solution:

1) Use a screwdriver to ease the two halves of the indicator stalk apart. There are about 3 clips top and bottom so release them alternatively top/bottom/top/bottom. The two parts are held together in the ball mechanism but we only need to separate them slightly, not remove them completely.

2) The switch is held on by a metal plug. The plug has a helical screwthread which grips onto the plastic stalk.

3) To tighten the button, push the metal plug further into the stalk (towards the front of the car). I used some needle nose pliers to push it in, it will rotate slightly when doing so. DON'T SLIP AND BREAK SOMETHING!

4) Reassemble the stalk, being careful to relocate the plastic pins into the respective holes.

Result: No more rattle.


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