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How to: Change Brera Rear Speakers

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Changed my rear speakers today for some Infinity Kappa 8cms. Thought I would take some pics for the benefit of others.

First partially remove the door seal

then remove airbag badge to expose allen head bolt, and unscrew it

Then pop off B pillar cover exposing top trim screw and unscrew that. You can now pop off the leading edge of the trim, I stuffed some rolled up cloth in between the panel and the car to give me some access.

The speaker is held into its carrier with 2 crews, but its easier to remove the whole carrier (4 10mm bolts) a ratchet ring spanner is essential for that. Disconnect wiring plug (pinch lugs on back) and then withdraw carrier.

There is enough slack in the wiring once you unclip it to allow you to cut the plug off and crimping on other connectors as required.

The speakers i fitted didn't quite fit in the carrier so some fettling was required, I enlarged the 4 holes in the carrier as well to 9mm to allow adjustment. Its worth taking the grills off the trim panel to check for fouling. The grills have retaining clips on the back.

First side took 3 hours, second side took 45 mins once I knew what I was doing.

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Am in the process of changing speakers out in both the Brera and Spider. How deep were the Kappas you fitted in the rear? Simaudio in Poole did the front ones but say there is precious little depth for the back ones!!
Thanks for that, gives me a good place to start tracking some down.

not sure if i'm brave enough to change them out myself!! :eek:
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