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So my '09 Mito had this annoying rattle coming from behind the glove box. The rattle noise would intensify when I turned up the blower. At times it would disappear, but in the end it would just be temporary. Maxing out the fan didn't do the trick.

Browsing this forum taught me the Mito has some sort of design fault, allowing leaves to get stuck in the blower. For future reference I made this short how-to on how to fix this annoying problem. Since the pollenfilter is next to the blower, this how-to can be used for both purposes. You might want to bring some form of lightning you can leave on the floor.

  1. Remove the side panel

    On the seat side there are 3 plugs that just pull out. Then gently slide it towards the seat to remove the panel.

  2. Remove black cover underneath glove box

    This one is where your patience gets tested. There's one black round button at the back. Pull this one out, same with the two black rectangle ones at the front. Both are on the side. The cover should then slide off. Be careful with the two hooks near the glove box.

  3. Remove the airvent

    You can now see the blower/fan. There should 1 torx screw right behind the glove box (outer right one on this pic). Remove this screw and an airvent should come loose. Gently pull it off the white socket on the top and lay the plastic vent aside.

  4. Optional: replace pollenfilter
    While you're at it you might as well replace your pollen filter. Remove the black 'rubbersih' cap on the left side. Make sure to push it firm back in to place when you're done.

  5. Undo the 4 electrical cables
    *click* It's really that simple.

  6. Undo the five 5.5mm screws
    There are five 5.5mm bolts that hold the blower up. Can't miss them. If you do, just wiggle the blower cautiously to see which one hold it up. If all these five are removed the blower can be removed

  7. Gently pull out the blower and remove any debris

    My blower had a couple of leaves in it. Probably got in anywhere between the last 10 years. Or at least I hope.

  8. Attach in reverse order!

Good luck. It took me about 30 minutes.
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