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how do you replace a front bumper?

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thanks to the wind blowing a tree into my path yesterday I am in need of a new front bumper. Does anyone know of a FAQ or instructions anywhere for getting the old one off and the new one on?

I've had a search on here but couldn't find anything. I managed it ok on my wife's mondeo so hopefully this is also something I can do myself.


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You have four large torx bolts when I say large , they only have a small Torx 30 size, just penny washer type heads going round the front next to the grille,take the plastic wheel arch self tappers out that are near the front of the arch, including the square protection cover and screws,take off sqarish protection on the innerwing in the wheel arch and peel back plastic arch so that you can access the bolts also torx 30 that secures bumper to wing, there are three each side do same other wing then there are four more torx bolts going up the way round the front, not sure if this releases the belly plate as I don`t have one fitted.
Now before the last two torx bolts come out,try and release the fog light feed wire, and the headlight washer feed pipe it joins at the drivers side front and you can unclip this by sliding the moveable clip off ,it does not come right off just allows the pipe to separate and move the bumper away from the car !------------I THINK!;)
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