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How do you like yours

How do you like yours

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We all need to consume protien

What's your prefered form :p
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Oop's the cats out the bag :cheese:
Red Meat.

My favourite would be a lovely rare Argentinian steak.

Cluck Cluck Cluck.....

Blimey!! I think I might just possibly be eating too much Chicken !! :rolleyes:

happy man said:
Oop's the cats out the bag :cheese:
We know what's happened now :eek:

:tut: Didn't your mum teach you to share ….?!?! :tut:

I actually love both red meat and white meat. Any meat really...
Chicken is probably my favourite, but it is important to have a balanced diet :tut:
I like fish but can't really named them since I have no idea what it's called in English.
Tuna, seared.
I put other as I like white meat, red meat and fish! I'm not fussy me!
fish, fish and more fish:D

especially monkfish and sea bass:inlove:
Steak - medium rare.....:D
I've very recently discovered the magnificence of medium rare steak. By God but it's nice. I never really saw what the fuss was about over steak, but having tried it medium rare, it's something else entirely. Delish :cool:
I had one a couple of weeks ago in a Mexican restaurant in Austria (eh?) with a bit of garlic butter on it. I don't know if it was lightly spiced as well or something, but it was heavenly.
Love Argentinian much better than UK 21 Day Matured Scottish.

Eat far to much chicken....but now tend to go for free range as much as possible.

But do eat my fare share of fish...Tuna being the norm, but do have bream, bass and snapper when possible..and some others depending when available.

Nev said:
Tuna, seared.
mmm nice one..
Also swordfish, sea bass and a nice bit of battered haddock.

Oh and a load of Tofu too.
When I'm not munching Gerbils my favorite is Scottish fillet served rare on a sizzling hot plate in the Stables restraunt in Mortonhall near Edinburgh :p

Remember the scene in the Matrix where the guy's about to rat Keanu and his mates out eating a steak in the restraunt well it's a good as that :D

Bit far to travle for a steak mind :(

Likes a bit of fish as well Scallops monkfish Tiger prawns :)
I voted 'Other' on the basis that I like Swordfish, Tuna, Beef Steaks, Pork Steaks and Veal depending what kind of mood I'm in and where we are ;)
A bit of silverside. Or chicken and ham pie. :D

Ralf S.
I voted fish, not any specific type as I love all fish types
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