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Haven't posted anything for a long time ,maybe the car has been reliable?!
I have just returned from hols in Yorkshire and noticed on the homeward stretch that the temperature guage was not really dropping down to below 85 degs and the oil temp was quite high at 80 odd.
Before the holiday I flushed out the water system and stuck some slick 50 fuel sytem treatment in the fuel tank. I have used this before with favourable results. I also noticed that the fuel consumption was great at nearly 350 miles on a tank for a V6, 350 miles for a v6???
This was not normal so I have changed the thermostat. No real change.
Am I right in thinking that the water temperature sensor next to the thermostat will have a direct impact on how much fuel is fired in to the engine. I assume over fueling produces a cooler running engine and under fuelling will cause a hotter engine.
Anyone out there got any ideas as I am tempted to go and get a second hand escort!

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350 from a tank!!!! I usually get about 200 :eek:

Your temperatures are low too....V6s run VERY hot usually, the water and oil on mine are sually at the top end of the scale.

Water temp sender will indeed have an impact on fuelling, usually leaning off but as yours is reading low I'd have thought it would richen the mixture. Is the car pulling ok and running well otherwise?

To be honest I'm struggling to understand what you're wanting help with?? :D


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Don't worry about Wrinx - his throttle only has two positions :D :D

350 miles from a V6 is what I used to get from my old Lambada sensor, on a single motorway run. The new lambda sensor only gives me 330 or thereabouts. :confused:

Your running temp sounds a little low - I'd guess the Thermostat is not quite all there. It's okay for now but in the winter you'll want a new one.

Ralf S.
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