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I have a 1989 Sprint in New Zealand, but live in USA (long story..) - the car has zero service history so I'm working through replacing all the sensible stuff to get it reliable. Timing belts, ignition bits, new exhaust - that sort of thing, and have had a good time finding most of the parts.

But a few are still proving elusive - if anyone knows where I could find the following that would be great. In descending order of how badly they're needed...:

Radiator/coolant hose set - might as well do all of them
gearshift bushes
wiper relay (Sipea 0854)
the tubes that sit under the dash-top vents

I've tried all the usual places, including specialists. Bertelsbeck, Afra, Alfasud-Parts etc. but have drawn a blank with these.

Thanks for any/all suggestions.

Santa Cruz, CA
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