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Horrible noise as of this morning, help

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Driving into work this morning in the 159 jtdm and all of a sudden I'm hearing a horrible fast juddering/knocking noise when I bring my foot off the accelerator. The noise goes away when the engine is pulling and when the brakes are being applied but as soon as the car coasts in gear the noise starts up.

It is happening in all gears and is worse in the higher gears undoubtedly because of the speed. In the lower gears the juddering noise is slower but about the same noise level.

My first thought is driveshaft, any advice much appreciated.

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Could be anything on the drive line, driveshaft, wheel bearing/hub, gearbox, clutch.

I'd go with the u-joints being worn ... Primary suspect !
yeh again I would probably point finger at the drive shaft constant velocity (CV) joints.

If you get under the car grab hold of them and give them a good shake and see if there is any play - that may give you a clue but this is by no means a conclusive test.

Worth noting that esp if you've got a 1.9 get this remedied as quickly as you are able to do so as the additional vibrations transmitted through the diff / gearbox won't do the already fragile 1.9 boxes any favours.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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