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I've got a secondhand hood and frame for my spider and was looking for suggestions/advice on fitting. The hood is already fitted to the frame, so hopefully I'll just have to bolt it into the door post and fasten it around the back and sides. Needless to say, on removing the old hood almost all the nuts had rusted and seized onto the studs, so I won't be able to use them again.

My idea is to cut the studs down then drill them out. I can get access to the rear of 11 of the 15 back ones through the boot, and was thinking of fitting M6 socket head bolts (so I can hold them with an allen key) through from the back. I'm assuming the first 11 bolts will be sufficient to hold it securely when under tension and I can use self tappers for the remaning 2 each side. (For the side fittings I think I can access most holes for more bolts)

Ideally, I'd like to use one of those tools that fit a threaded bush into the panel, but they're very expensive just for one job.

Does this sound like a reasonable plan or are there any 'gotchas' I should be aware of?
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