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Hey Im looking for an answer to a finding an annoying squeeling noise thats coming from the engine intermittently.
It sounds like that noise that comes from your disk brakes sometimes when you stop but its not that as it happens at idle.
It comes and goes is some times very soft and sometimes loud but its always there.
I took the car to the dealer and he was convinced it was the alternator so we changed it which is without doubt the crappiest job I have ever had to do on any car due to the total lack of space.
Well that wasnt it and now I suspect its coming fromm the cambelt tensioner but it could well be the AC ,waterpump ,power steering.
Its not effecting the performance but it one of those noises that gets to you like a dripping tap . The car comes to the end of warranty in a month and the dealer said to leave it with him for a week .
Has anyone experienced the same problem ?
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