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Hi Everybody! sadly not an owner of an Alfa but one day!

Joined for info from a well respected site!

I have a 358 BHP Fiat Coupe and a few parts are interchangeable so just wanted to join to search for info in the quest for more power, reliability and modifications

I already have some 330mm Alfa brembos to go on but am having difficulty getting discs to suit due to the PCD change

I contacted MTECH who said they were able to change the PCD but i did not realise this would mean i would end up with 9 holes :paranoid:

So i may be selling the 330mm Brembos if i cannot come up with some reasonably priced bells and rotors!

Does anybody on here have any experience with these? and or anywhere to purchase from any info much appreciated

The main issue is due to the price increase buying rotors and bells as with the cost of the Brembos means it would of been more cost effective to get a big brake kit

Oh well Live and Learn! again any info appreciated

Cheers For now:byebye:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts