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Hey Alfa owners,

I'm Matt, a proud Alfa owner! I've had a 146 and 145 as my first cars and bought a 916 spider TS ph1 about 1 year ago. (tropico verde) As a true Alfisti is have named the car, her name is 'Bella'.

I have lurked on this forum for some time and am planning an extensive refurbishment of Bella. Project 'Bella' will include:
-Rustproofing for long term preservation. (i hope to still be driving Bella in 30 years )
-Suspension refurbishment and upgrade (probably coilovers front and a testing a combination of swaybars to get rid of the excessive body roll and understeer.)
-engine overhaul
-paint restoration: Bella has a small dent in the door and scrapes on the rear bumper. (no full respray yet.)

The project will probably take me 1 to 2 years as i just had a little girl (10 months).

I find the written how-to guides on these forums very helpful. So i plan to give back and make a couple of how-to video's and share them on this forum.


Matt (Matthijs)


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