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HI there and hello to all happy Alfa owners
2 weeks ago i have bought myself 147 1.9 jtd Alfa with clutch problem for 350£ in total:smash::biglaugh:,
I've removed gearbox and inspected it
after receiving new clutch kit plus flywheel from valeo italy £300 I decided that rear crank seal may need replacing -- I am regretting that now :-( as it was only minor leak
during my installation something had to go wrong because after my first test drive today i have spotted engine oil dripping from gearbox which indicated faulty rear seal

When I was installing new seal all areas where cleaned with brake cleaner and soft rag
silicone rtv added only to the bottom of the seal holder - maybe I should put it around seal holder as well????
after I sliced new seal in place plastic inner ring was removed
in cross pattern manner new seal has been bolted in and torqed to around 15 nm

I am starting removing gearbox again after work tomorrow and possibly I will be able to see where the oil is leaking from- outer seal holder or shaft and seal itself - will kip u updated

It was my first time when I was replacig rear seal and I didn't expect that to go wrong really
If any one is having any ideas what wrong have I done please advise
many thx
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