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Hello, I’m Daren and I’m an Alfaholic.

I bought my white GT a couple of weeks ago, finally scratching the itch to get another: my first GT was an insurance write off in early 2019, after an old guy driving his daughter’s car hit the wrong pedal and then my car. [That GT, GL06ACJ, was subsequently repaired and put back on the road. Have you got it?]
I’ve had a Giulietta in the interim and it’s a good car (1.4MA 170) but it wasn’t a GT. As I write, the Giulietta is up for sale.
Before, I’ve had a 156 and a 147, and I owned 3 Fiats before those: they were the introductory drugs!

I’ll be at National Alfa Day this Sunday, so maybe meet some of you there. I’ll be in the GT (white, V60 PAC), and my wife Helen is taking the Giulietta (red, VE63 OSG).
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