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Hi everybody.

New to this forum,and thanks for members for getting useful information here.

I'm a Japanese owner of two Italian cars, 1997 Alfa 145 and 2003 Multipla
I've spent my life for more than 10 years on driving both of them and they bring me plenty of "go" and driving pleasure.
My handle name "factoryosaru" means factory + monkey.
A Japanese word "osaru" stands for monkey.
Why did i named me monkey?

I do like driving a car and a little bit older Italian cars tend to be with fan to drive which make me keeping on pressing a gas pedal unless petrol is run out completely!
I thought this behaviour is similar to what a monkey keeps on doing,who was told how to w_nk lol:biglaugh:
Anyhow I do like driving and driving slightly old Italian cars like apes mentioned above

Thus I have had two Italians for a long time until now regardless their poor manufacturing quality which obliges us keep on fix fix fix again.

Now I've got a residence garage to fix and tune up them myself and a couple of years ago I bought and placed a two posters in my garage.
This makes me annihilate any troubles which is prone to be with old Italians and keep them for more than ten years to come.

Fiat drivers like me are so quite minority in Japan that I scarcely get useful website in my country and I look forward to reading to know how to fix my cars and where to buy reasonable parts in this forum.

Cheers--- from Hokkaido Japan


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