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Hi everyone,
I live in ireland and I have owned a black 97 alfa GTV now for 3 or 4 years. When I bought it I absolutely loved it with the red interior and all. I know I neglected it the last two years and since I got married my wife and I got a new jeep and the alfa hasnt been doing much since.

I was contemplating getting rid of it but i know I would get nothing for it as there is too many wee things wrong with it that unless you are an alfa fan you wouldnt understand :thumbs: I don't even know if I would get anything for it anyway as the mileage is high (121K) so i took it out for a spin last night and I just think I will hold on to it. I dont think i can let it go. the car did pass the NCT a few months back so it couldnt be that bad either.

so I joined this forum today to get help on the small bugs wrong with the car. I think i was a member of this forum years ago but have forgotten all my details (or it was a similar site).
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