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Car: 1.9 M-Jet facelift 147 Ti 3 door on a 56 plate.

My drivers side window is struggling to wind down and the other day it stopped and would not move down anymore.

It seems the rubber on the outside of the door is very tight against the glass and the motor is struggling to pull the window down in to the door past it. Cleaning the glass and putting some silicon spray on the rubber has helped. The window will now open and close but it still struggles to pull the window down. It will go up fine as the friction against the rubber is less.

Not really sure what I can do here. I thought about maybe a little wet n dry and trying to sand the rubber back a little as it seems very hard. Is this advisable? Is there any way of re-aligning the strip of rubber at the bottom of the window? Ideally I don't want to take the door card out (who does? lol)
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