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hey guys,
This has been a long battle that started with a bad experience at lombarda (i would never go back) in january. Even thou my car has FSH with books stamps and the alfa romeo internal system reflecting this the verdict has come down that since the GTA are prone to hitting speedbumps this causes the problem and its not a manufacturing defect ! The went on the say that goodwill is not available either as the car is 6.5 years old. I rebutted stating that almost everyone else on this forum has this problem and if FSH was intact then alfa UK took care of them. Mario who is handling my case at alfa has conceded that if a precedent is in place then he will use this to push my case through the official path; however he wants number plates so he could check his warranty database. so i guess this is plea for anyone who has been sorted by alfa uk to helpme get my GTA to loose its rust pimples. i dont want you to give me your numberplate but if you could call the free call number at alfa and speak to mario then a positive outcome may be reached.

number is 008 00253 200 00 option 3. Case number 31054164 and speak to mario at customer relations.

i have to be honest and say this has left a nasty taste in my mouth about AR UK - i purchase my dream 156 GTA with FSH because i thought the FSH represented assurance against the rust problems but it looks like FSH and warranty does not mean anything when it come to AR UK.

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