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Help Please help me find location of control unit on my 164

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I have a fault with my 164 cloverleaf I believe it is an Alfa control unit but no idea where it is! I do believe it is at the rear of he dash somewhere but help needed to pinpoint it please.
The fault I have with it is leaving the low oil pressure light on,high water temp warning light the low coolant and oil level warning lamp all are on from start and stay on it is a 1990 164 green cloverleaf model. If anyone can help it would be appreciated as I have searched for this and replaced numerous sensors with no luck.
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I'd caution against bringing the car up to temp every few days. My 164 had been laid up for a number of years and the previous owner had "run it up ever week or so". When I got the car, there had been so much condensation in the top of the engine that the backs of the cam lobes were rusty! The oil stank of petrol too, and was really watery. I don't think he'd run it until the thermostat opened and the fans cut in, so mine was an extreme example, but without the engine doing any decent amount of work, the oil may never get hot enough to evaporate off the excess petrol that gets past the piston rings each cold start.
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