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Dear all fellows,

My car is 1.4 MA 170Bbp.

I got this code after radiator fan replaced:disappointed:

I googled and found it may be caused by "solenoid valve relay" issue. May I know where is it??

This is the story behind:-
Few weeks ago coolant overheat warning on and I found the radiator fan malfunctioned(fan can power up, but the fan move back and forth)

Then I brought and replaced a new HELLA OEM

Coolant overheat problem seems solved.

However, when I drive again this week, I feel the A/C is not so cool when the car is running slow or when traffic jam. I double checked the coolant temperature in OBD2 app(torque) and found it will raise up to the max. 114°C (Although dashboard coolant always is shown 90°C :cheeky:)

I further scan the car for fault code, I got P0481.


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