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To ease the project along we would like to encourage members to become involved in the build in some way.Either by hands on metal bashing,or wiring,or copying information and drawings into an understandable format.Scaling drawings,etc.

I think we just about have enough researchers in the UK but its further afield that would be help full.

Anyone good at converting drawings into a CAD format ,Technical drawing,Detailing.We have some outline drawings but we need them filling out a bit ,there is loads of info in repair manuals etc that needs the info extracting and transferring onto drawings and easy to access reference source to save hours and day going through documents ,files and manuals to find elusive bits of information. Do we need an archivist ? I dont know.

Open to offers what skills or experience can you offer the project ?

I know our workshops are not in every ones back yard (North Yorkshire UK) but there are one or two not a million miles away.

If you can help please join the web site.

Home - Whirlwind Fighter Project :)
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