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After the advice received on here, I purchased the full license for FiatECUScan to carry out a Proxi Alignment on my Alfa 147 and it worked great! Hurray!

Everything apart from the Dashboard node, that is... it says failed timeout when I try and Proxi Align it. I also cannot connect to it to read faults or reset my service interval. When I try and do this it says Elm327 -> ECU Connection Failure. I know for a fact that my serial settings are correct so is there no problems there...

The strange thing is, before I bought the full version (still running on 3.4) I could connect to my dashboard fine, but being the limited version I couldn't reset the service interval then either.

This has turned from annoyance to worry now as I am thinking that there could be something seriously wrong in my CAN line, please if anyone has an idea do share!

Thanks in advance, Mike.
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