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Hi Guys,
at last i got around to changing all my belts just before going on holiday with the beast and my 155 but when i did it i noticed that there wasn't much tension on the tensioner wheel.
You have your wheel and to the right you have a needle with a dot in the back plate.
The needle is quite low lto the botom of its travel is this correct or am i in the poo.
Can anybody give me the part numbers for a)the tensioner wheel and B)the cam Variator and if anybody knows the cost of the sods



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You are in the poo my friend.

Just done mine the other week... I replaced the tensioner as they are known to go 'loose' beyond adjustment.

Might be worth a try to loosen the bolt on the tensioner wheel and see if that can be 'moved out' a bit. Looking from the top side of the tensioner you will see a black stickyout bit of metal just slightly forward from the wheel top, about 1cm or so. Lever that bit towards the back of the car, that will tension the pulley up a bit more... (the tensioner pully is bolted on an offset to the centre of the wheel... as you push this back the tension of the belt will move the wheel around changing the sitting point of the tension arrow.) you'll see the arrow move towards the lineup hole the more you push that back. If there's enough play you should be able to tension that back up properly. If it does line up tighten the bolt back up, and that'll lock it back in place. You need to tighten the bolt whilst holding the tenstion... it can be tricky if you don't have the proper tool.

If there's not enough play in it to line it up you need a new tensioner wheel.

You'll still need to tension/set the new wheel up in the same way.

Good Luck!

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