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Hi all,

New Alfa owner here and unfortunately I'm going to start off with posting a problem..

I have a problem with my 156 V6 that I cannot work out... :cry:

Its a screeching/whistling sound that starts to get loud at 3000rpm and conitues up.

I have checked the intake piping for leaks,

I can't see anything thats dropped down into the cambelt cover.

Yesterday I resorted to removing the AUX belt which made it much quieter but its STILL there!? :confused:

I took a couple of videos,

Aux belt on and engine hot after I first noticed it.

YouTube - 156 V6 24V engine Screeching sound

Aux belt and cam covers off engine not properly warm (didn't want to run it that much till I know what it is!!)

YouTube - Alfa 156 V6 no aux belt test

What the heck causes a noise like that which becomes quiet when the aux belt is off but doesn't go away?

When I started it cold with the AUX belt on the screeching was horrible, belt off much quieter but still there!!

I know its not good to start/stop the engine and rev it instantly but its not like I make a habit of it and I didn't want to run it much with no cooling! I also apologize for the amount of picutres!

The auxiliary belt has lots and lots of cracks and I need to replace it anyway so ordered one off should arrive soon.

I did learn quickly that my Alfa likes to eat tools!

The tensioner moved when I put the 15mm socket on it and so I got my mate to hold it slack then I just whipped the belt off.. nice and easy right? ..the tensioner then sprang back taking the socket wrench with it and got jammed behind the engine mount. By levering it out with a bit of bar against the AC pulley we managed to free it and I got my socket back!

I exposed as much as I could..

Theres no point posting them all but I found loads of cracks and notched bits on the belt:

Cracked Aux belt

I'm guessing someone put an 'A' on this pulley for Aircon

I found hidden treasure!! but its wedged/melted and I can't get it out, its not touching anything moving..

Does the cambelt look OK?

Cambelt idler:

Finally with fading light and rain on the way I temporarily pimped up my wheel arches with some stylish kitchen carpet tile to keep the weather out - I think Autodelta should fear this

So new AUX belt will be going on during the week I hope but I still haven't irradicated the noise - now what? run it without the cambelt on?

A guy at work had a similar noise on his Audi when oil was being forced out a leak, I'll check for oil tonight.

Your help is much appreciated on this guys, I'm completely stumped.

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*UPDATE* After speaking to mechanic he thinks it sounds like the crankshaft pulley itself is making the noise (rubber gasket?)

How do I check this?
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