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Help needed again, dipped bean connect melted??

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Need AO expert advise again.

Went to change headlight bulb for the third time since October and the connect block is melted any idea`s , put new bulb in and it worked but afraid it might start a fire??:confused:
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Assuming you are fitting the correct wattage and type of bulb?...then electrical connectors melting usually means there is a poor connection nearby. A poor connection creates resistance, which creates heat. Heat increases resistance, and it becomes a vicious circle! If dirty then clean all relevant nearbycontacts back to bare metal, then put suitable electrical grease on them. Make sure there are no hidden cracks in cables (this is very possible) by cracks I mean INSIDE the insulation, the conductor can become cracked, causing resistance, heat etc. etc..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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