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anybody can furnish me with the Alfa Romeo Parts CD? i will pay for that. actually i already asked 2 of our members here regarding this but ..
person no.1 (can't mentioned its name but we all familiar with this guy) i'm asking him about some problems including this Parts 'n' CD-Roms stuff but he replied with some advise but not even touch the Parts 'n' CD-Roms issue. why? what kind Alfisti are U? we here gathered to know and help each other but not to be stingy!!

person no.2. (his name is f###2g###)
this guy.... he replying me +vely and seems to be very kind....but then.. quiet for a month.. at that time i'll sent a few e-mail to recall him back but..QUIET! Then i got reply to him telling me that he's working on that... but until today (almost 4 month) nothing was done! what the hell is this?? what kind of members are u??
Please honest on everything u wanted to do, but please don't make ******** like this!!!

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I will be very honest with you, your post is very selfish and rude, You speak about those people as if they owe you something, you donot pay to use this site and you only seem to of contributed 4 posts since April. If you get any help here you should be grateful.

Dont get me wrong, ive offered in the past to send a cd to some one, but never got the cost back. Also you are asking these people to commit a crime, these CDs are copyrighted by Alfa Romeo.

Hope you find one soon as you sound pretty frustrated

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