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I have recently purchased a 2002 147 2.0TS which I intend to install some kind of mobile phone hands free system. I have not yet decided on the best way to go. However I can't help thinking that a previous owner may have already installed something. I have attached photos of what looks like a microphone and something that is attached to the windscreen in the centre.

There is a "microphone" in the same place in the passengers door pillar.
I have pulled out the stereo, although I could not get it all the way out it did have wires coming from the green connector.

The stereo is the standard Blaupunkt 937 High CD. I would like to retain this so I can retain the use of the steering wheel controls.

The problem is that although I can see this input into the system, there is no output. There are no cable, and no cradle fitted to the car, to connect a mobile phone to. And I can not see evidence that there ever was.
It's not bluetooth either. I have turned on the bluetooth on my phone and searched for devices, but get nothing.

Any ideas on how to connect my phone into the system using what I already have? Or would it be easier to purchase something else?
Ideally I would like Bluetooth connectivity. Any help would be appreciated.

(Sorry the photo's aren't great. They were taken with my phone.)


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Car phone system

I would suggest installing a Parrot or a Bury. If you buy at Halfords they will fit it for you..
If you are feeling "hands-on" then buy off E-Bay or Amazon.
I installed in each of my GTV and Sprint. It works great, the sound is very good as it is interconnected with the car stereo so it automatically nulls the sound from the stereo during calls.

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Buy any standard bluetooth kit.

You can then wire this up to the back of the stereo
via the TEL+/TEL- pins (fed from the audio/speaker output
of the kit) and the TEL MUTE. This means when the phone rings
the CD/radio is muted and the phone audio is routed through the

You obviously have to provide a +12V (from the stereo supply)
and ground and probably a switched 12V. (I used the CD
changer power output at the back of the stereo for this on my

The microphone wiring can be routed around the windscreen and
headlining and out via the courtesy light.

That isn't a mike in the picture, it looks like an aftermarket
alarm ultrasonic transducer.
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