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Hello! well i priomised a story so here is PT1

I purchased my GT on monday the 27 of may 2009 a 27000 mile car with full history from Mangoletsi Knutsford and serviced that day!!jumped in and drove it home (yay) The next morning i started it up only to hear a loud metalic tapping noise.
A hydraulic tappit says my brother A qualified mechanic BMW master tech 34437 Mclaren F1 master tech 001303 just to name a few!!
So i rang Mangoletsi who said bring it back and we will sort it! But for me the obvious choice with my car still in the 3YR warranty was Autoworld chesterfield only 13 miles from my home as apposed to the 60 miles or so to Knutsford So i booked it in the soonest they could supply a courtesy would be thursday at 5.30 pm fine!! as it happens i was passing Autoworld on the wednesday so i dropped in and had a Tech have a listen who confirmed there was a noise so off i went!!
and returned thursday to pick up the courtesy car and set off home only to find it was completely empty of fuel i just managed to splutter into a garage before it conked out!.
Now for the interesting stuff!!!!
I called them friday morning and was told the car was completely fine and sounded normal so i set off to pick it up.
When i arrived i spoke to glenn who said it was fine and i should take it to Mangoletsi if i wasnt happy which i found unusual anyway i got my keys and went out to start it and there it was knocking its little head off so i called out GLENN for a listen who wouldnt look me in the face but kept repeating take it back to where you got it this is at a main dealer under warranty!!!! So i rang Mangoletsi who couldnt believe what they had said they sent me a car the next morning and took mine away!.
They replaced all the tappits lifters cam carrier gasket and injector washers so obviously there was a problem!!.
So off i went again to pick up my car from Knutsford only to find halfway home that i could hear tappit noise again (OH MY GOD) .
So i rang them again and the agreed to send out a car monday and fetch it!!.
As you can imagine im not too pleased at this point so i let it stand on the drive all day and sulked! 9pm i decided to go get a chinese the car started without a rattle but a mile and a half down the road it BROKE DOWN!! halfway into a roundabout so there i was pushing it! finally got it home at 1130 pm and watched it leave on the back of an AA truck this morning!

What would you guys do?? i have my own ideas and will let you know what happens in part 2!
watch out for Autoworld folks a warranty obviously aint worth the paper its written on to them me thinks bye for now Paul.

oh yeah i paid cash for this car no finance or trade in! advise would be nice guys cheers!

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Re: Paul H

Sounds like a bent valve :( I'd take the car back to where you bought it, they need to do a complete head job and check the pistons.
Good luck with it.
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