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Hello everyone! Greeting from Singapore!

I just got a 7.5 yr old 147 Selespeed.

Been experiencing some problems and I hope that I can tab into the forum's knowledge to understand what could be the problem, what needs to be done to solve the issues, and ballpark idea of the costs (inexpensive / costly)

Here the list of areas I need help in:
1) Gear goes to neutral while stopped at traffic light and after which it won't engage to 1 to move off, I will repeatedly try to operate the gear stick which may or may not work after quite a few tries upon which I try to turn off and on the engine, which also doesn't work all the time

2) Gear may be able to shift to 1 but may not engage to 2 or from 2 to 3, so far I experience this rather seldom for 3 to 4 and 4 to 5 but it does happen

3) Car is jerky at low speeds usually (gear 1 or 2), i.e. it lurges even though I hold the gas pedal steady

4) Loud "knocking" noises from driver side front wheel

5) I hear that Alfas have a overheating problem, is this true? how to prevent it?

6) Appreciate if someone can share how one is to take care of Alfas so that it doesn't break down often and spending more time in workshop than on the road, i.e. how often does the car need servicing, what needs to be done per servicing, are there anything that the owner can do easily themselves to prolong periods between servicing etc.

7) Is there a SG community on this forum? If there is, do reach out to me! Would love to join you guys for chit chat or leisure drives.

Thanks guys in advance for your kind advice! Cheers!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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