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In April 2002, I bought an Alfa 145 Cloverleaf from Carcraft Newport.

Approaching my half century, this was my dream car.

I was assured by Carcraft that all was well and the car had a service history, so I took out their extended warranty/Vehicle Replacement Policy at an additional cost of £863.28.

The one thing I was paranoid about was the status of the cambelt.

I was shown a document, which I was told was the service history, and told by the salesman that the cambelt was changed at 58,000 miles when the camshaft and camshaft variator was changed at Auto Italia, Croydon on December 12, 2002. I bought the car at 60,400 miles, so was told that there was no need to change it for another 72,000 miles.

At 101,000 miles on June 6, 2006, the cambelt snapped, causing £1,200 damage.
A subsequent claim on the Carcraft insurance resulted in a void claim as the Adjudicator says the cambelt would not have been changed at 58,000 miles by a main dealership.

If you or anyone you know worked at Auto Itali, Croydon in 2002, I would appreciate a sensible reply to my question:

Would Auto Italia have put on the old cambelt during the camshaft/camshaft variator replacement at a cost of £266.00, or would have replaced it as standard practice during this type of job.

Just because: Does anyone else think that the original cambelt would have lasted 101,000 miles if Carcraft are right and it wasn't changed.



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What does the adjudicator base that decision on? Are they saying garages don't ever change cambelts outside of the schedule?

Rubbish! How old was the car when it was supposed ot have been changed? Cambelts are changed on time and well as mileage and Alfa now recommend 36k/3yr inspections and changes if necessary.

Also, belts don't often snap, it could be that a tensioner went (causing belt failure) and that probably wasn't replaced when the belt was done.

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