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As above. Was talking to my dad today and hes said about converting the already selespeed i have to a manual due to issues ive had with the selespeed in the past. Reason for converting is cause ive already put new engine and lot money into it so no point in selling and buying manual cause il loose crazy money on it.

So i guess the question is will my selespeed box work or will i need a manual one for the conversion?

I know il need change pedals and get resevoirs, gearstick, linkage, master and slave cylinders etc for the conversion. Just im confused as to will my box work with the actuator taken off it?

If i go thru with the conversion which i think i will be i will have the pump, actuator and all selespeed components up for sale too so if anyone interested pm me an offer on them.

Any help much appreciated. Oh and sorry i didnt mention above its the 156sillyspeed im converting
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