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Hi All,
I guess its my turn to ask for the support of the collective alfisti wisdom:

i have a 99 6speed 3.0 V6 with 75 k on the clock. Briliant car extensive maintenance up to now with cam belt changed at 55 k 1,5 years ago. very regular oil changes (every 3-5 k)

I had no problems with the engine so far though i have been driving the car really really enthusiastically.

i am planning to embark on a large european trip in 5 days. I have just replaced the radiator and i had a filter and oil change. The car develloped a tapping noise (actually noticeable when it warms up at around 90 ). It doesent seem to be tappets (?) as its not high frequency and seems to be slightly irregular/intermitent.
The noice is noticeable on idle and desapears on higher rpm maybe blending with the engine noise.
it does seem to originate form the cam belt cover / rear cylinder head area... but very difficult to spot seems certainly to be of mechanical orrigin...(ie no air the coolant temperature stays where it should...)

my departure date arrives, the local specialist is not available till tuesday and i am desperate for ideas or similar experiences...

-as an aditional point: i was stupid enough to use selenia 20 K oil (10 W 40) while i have always used 10W 60 up to now...
-i am afraid it could be water pump as i havent replaced that on the cambelt change and maybe with the cooling system flush it got it to the edge of its life ? hmmm

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