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Help!! 147 went bang on turning over!!

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Wifey has an 03 147 which decided not to start yesterday. EBD fault up so I tried a jump start which failed (car a bit weak turning over and didn't fire).
Removed the battery and had it tested at Halfrauds (cells ok but charge was down a bit).
Recharged overnight and refitted this morning. Now for the fun bit.......

Engine turned over much better but then came the bang and smoke from the engine:confused:
After I changed my trousers I (maybe stupidly) tried again. Turned over well again a few times but another (much smaller) bang again. Obviously stopped at this point.

I can report that the spark plugs were changed a few months back and I'm not getting any error messages coming up including MCF or EBD.

Ideas chaps?
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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