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My 51 plate 147 2.0TS is due for a service. I was wondering which parts I would need to replace. So far I plan to get the parts listed below.

K&n replacement oil filter
K&n replacement air filter
Denso iridium spark plugs
Splitfire ignition leads (after some research it seems people think they are a waste of money. I can't find any other option. What do you recommend? I read magnecor are good but couldn't see an option for the 147)
Oil (Which one and what viscosity)

If anyone can think of anything else that needs replacing or can recommend better parts than the ones I have listed above then please let me know.

Also I would like to gain a few extra bhp. What is the best way and what parts do you recommend. Handling wise what suspension and brakes does everyone recommend.

Thanks in advance for all your help

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