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Been an Alfa owner now for 6 years. First one was a 156 1.8TS in sail blue which I had until 2003, then a sports blue 156 JTS until 2 weeks ago.Tried a 159 as a potential replacement but found it to be a very different type of car. It felt "remote", and while it went round corners well enough, I hated the the slab of silver dash, and I didn't think that the interior fit and finish was the big advance over the 156 that it is supposed to be. In short I felt it was trying to be a BMW or Audi, and quite frankly, if I wanted that type of car, I would buy one of them.Mind you ,it could have been the diesel engine which made it nose heavy. So.....It had to be a GT JTS in Alfa Red.which is all that I thought it would be
I also persuaded my wife last year to visit our local dealer last year as a result of which she owns a black 147 TS which she absolutely adores and I only get the key for reluctantly to put petrol in.
There seems to be a fair amount of criticism of Dealers. In the last six years, I have had excellent service from County Motors in Carlisle, and given that for a number of years my father worked for a (renault) dealership. and my business partner is (unfortunately) a Volvo fan (if there is such a thing) they are undoubtedly the best I have come across.
See you in the forums.
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