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Hi fellow members. Happy and sad day today. I've decided that my faithful '96 155 1.8ts that I've had before it was 1, is not now cost effective to run. Just had a new clutch in it and the synchro on 3rd started to play up. With under 95K genuine, I don't want to scrap it so I'll be putting it up on Alfa enthusiasts websites so someone with mechanical knowledge can keep it going. Very tempted to store it somewhere until I have spare cash. Getting sentimental in my old age. Years of happy memories.
However, the good news is that I pick up my under 3 year GT 1.9JTDm from the dealers at lunch time today. Only 26,000 on the clock and ideal for running up and down France to the Med.
My other, other Alfa is a 156 2.4JTD which I've had new since 2002 and, because I run up and down France to the Med, has just ticked over 110,000m.
Previous Alfa in the 90's was a 33 Cloverleaf. Loved the sound of that Boxer engine.
Anyway, must check the forum for where to stick the tape on the GT's headlights so I don't dazzle 'Le Plod':thumbs:
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