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Hi, I am not yet an owner but seeing as I am in my mid 40's the time has come for me to have a fun car for the weekend without parting with too much cash. I have owned such a wide variety of personal cars and company cars that I struggle to remember them all but started with the Classic Mini, through various Mk 2&3 Escorts, a Mazda 626, an Audi 100, Mitsubishi Delica (you will probably have to google that one), Seat Toledo, Saab 93, BMW 320d..... and more.....

After much web browsing I think I am heading towards an Alfa Romeo GTV. I don't need a rip snorting 6 cyclinder so the 2 litre will probably suffice.

I won't ask many dumb questions just yet but will quietly soak up as much info from this website and many others. One particular Alfa specialist garage in Royston will probably be my service centre as I live just north of Cambridge and I have to say their attitude to sharing information and advice seems wonderful.

Hope to become a real member soon........
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