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Hi there,
Just a quick message to introduce myself as an Alfaholic!
Although I have had many a fast car and motorbike, my newly acquired GTV is the first Alfa I have owned. I suppose as Jeremy Clarkson once said, I can now call myself a true 'Petrol Head'.

My Alfa is an original and unmolested 1998 GTV 2.0 TS Lusso in what else but...... red.
Having had a bad motorcycle accident during Easter, this is my substitute to biking.
The bikes are being sold, and the Alfa will take there place, as my pride and joy!

My everyday car is a 2006 Fiat Grande Punto 130 Sporting 'Linea Race'. For those who
dont know, Linea Race in Germany, take the Punto and tune it along with a few cosmetic changes such as front grill, spoiler, rear defuser, exhaust, wheels and most important an increase in horsepower to approx 170hp. Yes...for a diesel, it goes like hell!

Back to the Alfa. Should anyone live near by, on close to Chippenham Wiltshire, give me a shout, as I do have a few questions about alfa ownership.

bye for now

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