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Hello from a long suffering Alfa 156 driver

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Just found this site, had a browse, looks good so far.....

Long suffering I hear you say??

well -

2002 - bought my 156 :inlove:
2003 - Blew the engine up (lack of oil!!), new clutch, alternator etc :mad:
2004 - New exhaust
2005 - New tyres and brakes all round
2006 - Airbag light on constant (still not sorted)
2007 - Failed MOT, new front suspension........ :mad:

Why do I keep going with this expense, because I am totally hooked and love the driving experience... :D

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Hi, welcome to AO :D
a true alfisti:D welcome to alfaowner:D
Welcome to AO :D
Hi Lamberju, welcome to the AO family :)
Hello and Welcome !! :)
Welcome, you've already had your troubles, wish you your just deserts - a bit of happy motoring!
Hi lamberju, glad you joined up, enjoy the site. cheers:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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