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Hi People,

I have just joined your forum and this is my first post.

Just wanted to say hello...

Kind Regards,

Steve Matthews

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Might as well jump on this bandwagon as well, although I don't mean to hijack your post Steve.

I've just bought my first Alfa 155 so this is just a quickie to say 'hi'.

Incidently I might as well ask a question as well.....can anyone tell me where the chassis number is stamped and does anyone have any idea where the engine number is on a V6? The car is a 1995 M reg V6.



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My motor isn't an Alfa at the monent. I have a Mk1 Golf and my Girlfriend has a Mini. I am about to buy a project - I have two choices, an Alfa Sud Sprint 1.5 Green Clover or a Lancia Delta 1600 TC GTie and I don't know what to do...
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