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Let me say first of all that I am one of the most ardent alfisti that you can find even after owning and driving other more expensive and faster cars than my 164 V6. Even more, everything bad that could have happened to an Alfa owner has happened to me (have great anecdotes to share with you, from blown engines to my car catching on fire inside while I was driving it), simply Murphy's Law at its best.
Last year my 164 went through a partial restoration when the engine, suspension, and interior were rebuild, upgraded or improved.
This was extremely expensive and difficult if you consider that my country, Paraguay has no Alfa Romeo dealers left, not even for parts supply or maintenance. I still have many things to do to the car to have it in perfect condition for which I need a lot of info, so your help will be highly appreciated guys.
What else can I say?, regardless of all the problems I had, no car has ever given me more pleasure and I simply love Alfas....
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