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Hello and AO please

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Greetings all, I have just bought a W reg 156 2litre 16v Selespeed and it's needs some work doing to it which is going to be done under warranty, i.e the acuator and gearbox replacing. However I am aware from reading the forum extensivly it is advisable to keep the gear oil topped up as much as poss. What is the easiest way to do this?

Are there any tech pages that explain the proceedure, does it need to go on ramps, is it a job I can do myself untill the cars goes in the garage.

Also does anybody have a second hand upchanging gear selector right hand button they would like to sell one from my local dealer is between £23 to £25 they couldnt make up thier mind.

Thanks very much in advance for any help


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welcome to AO Julian...congrats on your purchase !!

hopefully someone will be along in a mo to help you out with your queries...any pics of her yet ?

all the best

Hi, welcome to AO.

Can I suggest you get one of the Moderators to change the title of the thread to something more specific so you stand a chance of attracting those with specific knowledge on the subject? If you send a PM message to one of the guys with their names in orange they should be able to help. Alternatively you could post a new thread.

Just might be more effective at getting you some answers than waiting for the right person to pop along.

I think Wrinx, Bobda and Phil155 are all online at the moment.

Good luck.
It is the Selespeed fluid you need to keep a close eye on, the gear oil only needs checking at service time.

The Selespeed fluid is in the tank near the left wing.
There is a dipstick under the cap, check the level with the ignition on and just after the pump stops.

Obviously you also need to keep a close eye on the engine oil too.

Check them weekly.

Edit: remember to change "Alpha 156 Selespeed W Reg" to "Alfa 156 Selespeed W Reg"
Thanks Dave, I bought some oil from the dealer, it is something Sel 20? and only a 0.6litre cpacity bottle for filling is that right.

Gotta get me a manual from somewhere:)
The Selespeed system uses Selenia CS Speed fluid (it is a high spec ATF fluid)
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