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I have recently become an Alfa GTV owner - always wanted one. Mine is 97 TS Lusso with all the bells and whistles. Fantastic car - even came with a GTV registration plate!
Its Alfa Red with Black leather, aircon (works properly) and is in superb nick for its age.
I am lucky that there is a local bloke who breaks Alfas so I'm allright for spares.
It had a slight oil leak (rocker gasket) and thats been about it until yesterday when my battery went flat.
Battery is fine so when I put a meter across the alternator output I discovered that I needed an alternator! Got one from my man up the road - 20 quid (tested and working perfectly).
My problem is (and you can see this one coming can't you!) is that I have no info on how to change the damn thing - can only just see it from the top!
So, does anyone of you wonderful and probably long - suffering GTV owners have a blow by blow of the process. I have ordered a Haynes Manual!!! (mind you, I also have two porsches and a 24v Probe and the Haynes Manuals for them are very very poor!)
If any one can help I'd really appreciate it and intend to become an active member on this forum.
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