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Hi there! I'm new on this particular forum and I attempt to drive a 145 QB.

Yes, you are reading correctly:

Firstly - attempt because it's been quite busy falling to bits and emptying my wallet of any purple, orange/brown or green bits of paper recently. Infact I've just bought it some new tyres and belts, so it repays me by b*ggering up it's clutch plate springs and/or bearing...

Secondly - Its a 145 QB or quatrofiglio bleu. I figured out what hundreds of Alfisti couldn't about an hour ago, the cloverleaf badge colour.

It has nothing to do with dodgy paint, sunlight, the name of the person who stuck the badges on the car or the day of the week it was thrown together and shoved out the factory. Here are the answers:

Green badges - you have the type of car that you read about on and other sites off of Google. Its quite reliable, will quite happily urinate all over a Golf and serves as a good daily runabout, even the wiper blades last a good 3 years

Blue badges - your car is an ungrateful b***ard, constantly eating and expecting a stream of new parts and fluids. Even when you have it under control, the car spies a small wedge of money in your wallet and breaks something unexpected and expensive

Blue/Green badges - this is the silent wage killing car. Everything is great. No visable rust or any issues, tyres seem fine and it handles well. Not even so much as a rattle from the variator, until you pull up at a garage with the big square blue sign. Yes it's MOT time and suddenly everything is b*ggered. You know that a bit like quantum physics, if you hadn't taken it for an MOT, nothing would have ever gone wrong or become even slightly unsafe!

So yeah, I've got these 'ere Cloverfield cars figured! :lol: Just need to get every moving part replaced, then I should have some more happy and very very quick motoring, until the next bit falls off!
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