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Just thought I would finally introduce myself - its been almost a year since I joined:rolleyes:

Well we joined the Alfa community after I bought our first Alfa. It is a blue 147 and a friend we have in Italy recommended we buy Alfa this time. The 2001 model we bought had loads of little faults (cruise control, ecu, stereo that kind of thing) and I found free answers to them all in this community - it's a great group and a great car!

In fact when we had it we decided we should drive to Italy , there we fell in love with the country too and now aim to live in Italy.

To do that we need to sell our UK house, to do that in the depression we need an alternative method, to do that we organised a competition, for that to work we need to sell loads of tickets. To help do that we are giving away a Ducati racing bike 5 day tour of Tuscany. (

All that just maybe means we can live in the country that made the car that we think is the D'sB's.
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