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I wish to thank this particular garage on behalf of squeezing an extra 80 or so miles out of a full tank when it came back from a service yesterday... Some idiot had put single core plugs in and the boxer takes triple core, the diffrence in performance is also noticeable, it pulls alot better lower down and seems marginally quicker in 4/5th.

I would recommend this garage to anyone as the quality of service and attention to detail is amazing, i watched my car and others coming in and out and every one from alfa to ****roen was treated equally with great care. the owner is named Alfi and happens to be italian, he has a gorgeous 3.0 V6 GTV and specialises in italian cars.

My freind has recently taken his delta martini 6 in for a few bits and bobs (its been in for over a week, lancia eh!) and swears by them, even on a car as fragile as that..

Go check it out guys, just off junction 17 M6 (sandbach) heath road, or goto

highly recommended from a now happy 145 owner!
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