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Hello everybody,

I am feeling pretty stressed at the moment and I really could do with some advice on my P plate 145 cloverleaf that I bought 1 month ago. I really would appreciate any words of comfort or positivity, about anything!

1. Now the weather is hotter - engine temp approaches 110 C if blasting on the motorway, it does stabilise at just below 100 and cools to below that when on slower roads - the manual says that the temp "may reach the upper values on a hot day" and the warning light does not come on but it does seem hot - I know that I am missing half the fins on my rad and I plan to get a new one asap but the cash is not available at the mo (new variator and suspension....aaah - see below)

I am concerned that I am killing my beutiful engine..........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

2. I have noticed that the inside of the front tyres has gone completely (much more on drivers side) and the tyres were only 3 months old. I also got lots of vibration through the steering wheel when i hit 60 then 80.

At the service they noticed that the end of my roll bar had snapped off! The bar is still is in contack with its housing but not pulled in taught.
I have just had the tracking checkked and it was miles out and they say that this would explain the wear , the also said that balancing the wheel would cure the wobble.
My question here is could the knackered roll bar cause the wear?

I have rambled a lot here - sorry - but fixing all this is going to cost about £600- aaaaaaaaaah

Oh that reminds me! - Is it realistic to change the rad myslefy? are there any on line guides.

If any of you reply to this and help me in this dark hour I will be very very grateful and owe you a big favor.

Thanks loads

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It would have had to be a vey out of balance wheel to knacker the a.r.b., but of course anything is possible. Changing a radiator is fairly straightforward, I did it on my Q4 with no probs at all. Just leave yourself plenty of time, it should only take a day but leave yourself a weekend free. Whilst the radiator is off, take the oppotunity to flush the system out with plenty of water from a hose pipe.
Just remember to tighten everything up, bleed the system to get rid of the air, and keep an eye on the level for the next few times you use the car.
Good luck!!

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Thanks very much Steve - I think I will change the rad myself - it is worth a craek!

Thanks very much again
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