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I'm a member if a watch forum and someone on there has a nice looking Spider for sal

Just a heads up

TZ-UK Forums

Looks like a decent car and low mileage.

I don't know the guy but it isd a forum for individuals who have interests in watches and is pretty much like this one. I've never had any problems with buying or selling on the forum.

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He means you (we) need to register with said forum to access the link you've posted.
Oh, right. Well here's details.

Unfortunately I am having to sell my Alfa-falfa. I have owned it for about 14 years and have had it stored at my parents house where my Father looked after it, tinkered with it and used it when he fancied. Due to him being killed last year and my Mum now wanting to move the car has to go as I don't have a garage to keep it in.

A bit about the car:-
1985 "on a B" Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 Veloce S3
48,000 KM - in the last 14 years it has probably done less than 3000KM
Silver with black interior
Hood re-done, interior really good
Cassette player/radio
Wooden Alfa wheel and gear knob
Stainless exhaust
Very straight car - can't see evidence of any paint work. Someone has closed the bonnet when the oil cap or similar was on top of the engine so there is a few little bumps and paint breaks in a bit of the bonnet (minor)
No rust - been dry stored and only used in the sun. Dad got it ready each summer and used it a couple of times locally and I used it a couple of times when I visited. Literally some years it would only go between MOT station and their home and some years not used (or taken off SORN when it came in)

Car drives really well, lovely sound and a great burble on the overrun. If I had the room I would be keeping it for sure.

As to price - I have seen them all over the place but I reckon £3000 is fair. Will take a watch in PX or a 1970s Jap 2 stroke bike (RD perhaps)

If you have any interest let me know and I will get more pictures.

The Poster goes on to say no MOT and hasn't been run in a couple of years.

Thanks for all the replies about the car and the PMs. I am at work at the moment so will answer them when I get home.

Josh is right - I will be gutted and very regretful for this to go and have tried to find a garage locally to keep it but to no avail. I also don't have anyone with one that can keep it on a use it basis :-(( That is the basis my Dad had it but he also loved working on it as he was an engineer and had always worked on cars.

A little more info:-
The car is in the garage at Mum's and has not turned a wheel since probably the back end of summer 2011 when I drove it with my wife and then parked it into the garage. Not sure if Dad drove it after that but he was killed early 2012 so I know for a fact it hasn't moved since then. The tyres are all still up but I haven't started it. The garage is dry and ventilated and rodent free.

This is not a buy and drive away car at the moment and it would need a trailer due to no MOT etc.. It will be a bit of a project for someone albeit a fairly easy one. As it is in Wales it is not easy for me to get down and get running and MOT'd etc. which is why I have offerered it at, what has been pointed out, a cheap price.

If this has put anyone off please let me know. I can meet anyone who is serious in the car and take them to or meet them down there, 15 mins from the old bridge, near Chepstow.

I will check tonight on reg doc and for MOTs that I might have picked up as well. Car is on SORN at the moment.

There is a photo but I can't copy it. If anyone wants to contact seller let me know and I will get a phone number or some contact details,
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